A company formed for all legitmate and lawful purposes of
(to include, but not limited to)
Aeronautical Contracting,
(digital charting,
agricultural and seasonal tour flying pursuits
as a helicopter pilot for hire),
furthered along the way by various freelance nomadic Tech/Digital/entreprenurial endeavors
powered by innovations forged via Overland Exploration and concept creations born out of frustration and necessity in order to persevere and operate remotely in any environment.

Put simply, I travel overland in a prototype overland expedition soft shell canvas and mesh window I engineered and refine along the trail, on the way to and from meaningful and mutually beneficial opportunities wherever they may be found.

I have a list of skills, offerings and interests that I offer for hire, or in exchange for access to various resources that further the accomplishment of my goals for the betterment of my self and those who rely on my services.

I have a list of previous works and jobs, available to give you a glimpse of my background on my ever evolving profile found on: LinkedIn.com/in/Bayford

I enjoy disconnecting from tech and algorithms, after optiming tech, or at least attempting to integrate or migrate proprietary and closed source platforms into more user friendly open source solutions that work in remote, off-grid camps, hangars, modern barns or homesteads.

Do you like finding real people to interact with while solving problems not provisioned by the prevailing big tech narrative? So do I.

That is why, for the past couple years, I am no longer participating with main stream data brokerage appeasing social media or platforms that do not respect the privacy and rights of their end users.

I believe in a fundamental right for digital and data soveriegnty, self reliance, community without prefabricated causes or click bait retargeting campagns.

My approach to life is still very old school (pre-cellular era, dating back to pioneer and native times) with an appreciation for the capabilities of reinvisioned tech meant to empower all, not just some chosen by the system.

If you are looking to create your own system from within, and deplatform the platforms (you know, the platforms that encourage cancel culture while building false narratives that systemically enable anymouse reporting and blocking, while convieniently supporting the  underlying scalable business models of tech too big to fail) I would like to help you find a way to build that alternative version of what is possible, by keeping an awareness of what works, what could work better if it were re-envisioned, and set out to see what it would look like with a provisional test platform to try it out on.

As you may have noticed, I am different, slightly neurodivergent, and very technically aedept.
Despite my military background, I believe in peaceful conflict resolution and addressing problems, in order to identify and implement solutions that provide actual sustainable growth and healing.Not all understand my unorthodox approach to solving problems. Some get frustrated from years of conditioned responses - which I chose to opt out of.

To give you a better idea of what my core ethos is comprised of:
Here are some adages, sayings and beliefs I hold evident:
For all intents and purposes:

work is effort applied over time.
Results are from right effort applied at the right time.

healing can be painful but leads to optimal growth and outcomes.
Thoughts are things.
Alignment in any manner of affairs is crucial for the greatest good.

A belief in a higher power, faith, envisioning the gifts and wonders of the universe, or the ether space, as Napoleon Hill describes it, tells me that regardless of the discipline, denomination, or cause, if they can be in alignment long enough to accomplish a certain thing, the thing will undoubtedly be, or cease to be, according to the intents of mankind, guided by that divine knowing being that some call God.

After all, horse with no name, is still a horse - and can carry the right mind farther than walking alone.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my web page that does not rely on alphabet analytics, or the preformatted website in a box - as well as thanks for the patience to see it evolve.
There is more to this site than meets the eye, the real magic is the framework and integration pieces built into the backend of the hosting and data neutral file sharing.

Meaning, I can send my content, or data payload to a client, customer or interested party without restriction, reprisal or risk of deplatform..ation?
Translation = I can live, work and freely speak my truth, and interact with those who value the same.

If you like to say " I am just simple, awoke and still using metaverse, but I never post anything that will get me into trouble... vis a vis, you are the --------- xyz.." then you might prefer someone who has less intellectual / emotional complexites and range of pre-curated bandwidth.
If you prefer to be the master of your own algorithm, and no longer empower big tech to retarget you with all of the causes you think you are supposed care about, your phone lives in do not disturb or airplane mode, and might even be back to using a flip phone, we might be a great fit.
Because thoughts are things. and Intensity is never not required for anything crucial.
No action is still action.
Inaction is sometimes more appropriate, despite deadlines set by people who are not in the position to realize them.
The view from the foxhole is not the same as from the command center, for victory, one must be willing to see and appreciate the other. In fact, the command center should have a place to scrape the muddy boots that have been on the actual ground.
For DOD aeronautical contracting, engineers, technicians and dirty hands working in the oil field or corn field, possibly even a bean field... in the midwest during spray season, ahem.. this all becomes relevant.
Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, and taking a step back can save more than the enormous external pressure that investors apply think stretch goals will create.
Growth is seasonal, cyclical, and depends on the right efforts applied in the right environment, with the right attitude. Being connected to the land teaches me this, despite what the numbers are supposed to show. It takes one good season to be back in the runnings, and selling out in a moment of artificially low numbers, faith or both to be out of the races.
In the end, things tend to work out more often than naught.Kind of like people after new years.
See also, artificial numbers and growth...
and.. That horse that bears no name..

If you have enjoyed this page and would care to view more of my writing style, feel free to see some of my reviews and Medium articles from before the global event.

Link to follow.